Sunday, November 23, 2008

painting with friends

Painting on Mt. Tam with friends: Maeve Croghan and Chloe, Dominique Caron and Mikaela. I am wearing 2 hats, very geeky. This is one of our favorite spots. It is really glorious up there. Nice view of a round earth especially on such a clear day. Nice view of Farralon Islands.

Not really my favorite sort of view--too beautiful!-- but tried oil paints as a way to energize myself. Made it a bit greener than it was for some reason. Rubbed most of the paint off. I think it has a fatal flaw...the trees are right in the center. Maybe I will add more trees.

Will go back for nice view of Mt. Diablo. I am painting Mt. Diablo from all directions and this is a nice vantage point.

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