Sunday, March 21, 2010

first day of spring

Painting with two other women on Mt. Diablo on the first day of Spring. Feels pagan.
It was so green and wet. The ground was mushy everywhere.

My second effort possibly the fastest painting ever.
Jury is still out on the quality...must wait til daylight.

Is it worth it to touch up such a thing and fix mistakes?
Not sure about that. Perhaps better to leave it.

Both efforts were sacrifices, i.e., painting over another canvas to make a new painting.

I want only good paintings.
Am painting over lots of stuff.

what else?
Am working on a novel, and even weirder, am playing in a band with friends. We call ourselves The Insufferables. I am playing guitar--my very old guitar.
Very strange. How did this happen? Like I don't have enough going on already.
It's fun though.

Can someone invent something so one doesn't need to spend 7 hours sleeping each day?

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