Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Titles submitted by friends and art lovers

During my Spring Open Studio, I showed two of the new tall paintings. To me they feel like figure paintings. I called them “Totems”. One of my visitors said that was kind of a cop out. So I asked the many guests for suggestions and received a lot of wonderful, fun suggestions. See below.
Thank you all for playing. (I have a newer, really nutty painting for title suggestions for next time.)
This painting reminds me of a Madonna because of the blue and the red, and the fact that the Madonna is usually sitting with adoring creatures around her. (Yikes, this is a really bad slide and not actually a final version of the painting.)

Getting ready to move
Garage sale—dog not for sale
Rec and Waiting
Rec in waiting
Family Life
Everyday life
Crap happens
Moving to College
Star wars
What does not belong in this picture
The sound of the phone not answered
Direct TV
What the dog knew
My next trip
Dog Robot
Guarding the goods
Animal Husbandry
Madonna of the Shakeweight

And there's this one:

Silly Goose
Read and Ride
Stacked message
Temperamental Storage room
Garage sale with swan
Getting ready to paint
“Swann’s Way”
Duct tape
Swan contemplating retirement
Swan lake
3-Ring swan
Balanced chaos
Swan song
Swan unplugged
On vacation
Swan library
Bicycle Duck
something with 'Tinguely' in it...

Thanks to the person who suggested Jean Tinguely. I had forgotten all about him. The wonderful robotic sculptures. He used a lot of bicycle wheels. I just read about the piece below in "The bride and her bachelors: five masters of the avant-garde" by Calvin Tomkins. 

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