Sunday, February 3, 2008

Talk amonst yourselves

Blogging is what we used to do when we called it talking or conversation. Hanging out and talking seems to be very rare, at least in my life, my life as an older citizen. At work we are too busy to chat. Lunchtimes are often spent working or getting food. How rare it is to sit around talking with people, especially long enough to get philosophical together.

Instead our insights are now on the web (and in draft form).

There was a New Yorker ad for a lecture DVD series and each session had a great name. "Galileo, Newton and Baseball, Archimedes and the Tracktix, Calculus Everywhere". I need to do that for my classes!

A happy note—the two publishers keeps sending me checks every month. It's great to have this book out there selling and selling. I have no idea how many have sold but it's a great thing. I haven't even sent out the press release. It's selling solely from my art show, amazon, a few ads and word of mouth. A few kind souls who I don't even know have given me reviews.

Perhaps it's a happy payback for all the trouble the animals caused. I have one who has become a fruitarian. He will only eat pellets and fruit. The other had an expensive month with twice daily injections and several meds. He has stopped using the kitty box so my life is hell right now.

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