Sunday, February 22, 2009

carving out time

Life has been so busy lately. I am carving out time to paint but it's always so hard. Am working on some gorgeous hopefully views of Connecticut.
I started the drawing group up again which takes 3 hours, very enjoyable hours. And I have been really working the gym lately as a way to try to live a long healthy life.

Here's a photo of me 'teaching' at Macworld for Ex'pression College [http://www.].

Yesterday I went to CompostModern [link above], a designer conference focused on sustainability. It was fairly frightening...what to do? Joel Makowa says we have 5000 days to change everything about how we live now on a fundamental level.

But it was inspiring. I was off focus after doing a lot of work on a class exercise on global warming that the class basically thought was a waste of time. This was written on my evals. And our results didn't exactly set the world on fire. We had some good kooky ideas but no real venue to get them seen. We need to meet with engineers and scientists or students in these disciplines.

But I think I'll talk to our science teachers and find out if they are talking about it or showing the Al Gore film. Seems like the students I get are totally unaware and disinterested for the most part.

I can try again to inspire my new students.

I can design sustainably and repaint old canvases instead of always making new ones.

One of the takeaways from the conference is that ultimately the planet is our client.

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