Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cows and steers

I have been trying to paint some steers in the studio.

I have some photos of these animals from Scotland. They seemed like a year or two old. Huge and very curious. Big tag on their ear. Seemed like they wanted some answers. I was staying on a sheep farm for a week, on a painting trip, and was communing with these animals at the fence.

I took some photos but like all photos they don't have enough details to paint from. The memory is the thing. When I can clearly remember the touch, the smell and the feeling of being with animals it is easier to render them.

Anyhow, I made a nice arrangement and drew the animals on the canvas and was blocking them in. Was going to put some still life elements in there too. Maybe a motorcycle helmet. Well, not sure what.

But the thing is, I really need the animals in the studio. I really want to work from the real thing in order to get a slobbering breathing animal on the canvas. Otherwise it's just another painting of a photo. Which is stupid. Why not just blow up the photo?