Friday, April 15, 2016

Painting books again

Well here I am again with the painting of the books. I tried to keep this loose and underworked but it still took a long time. The cat and the mouse did not take much time at all but they also aren't as loose as the books.

Not sure if it's done but I have an open studio coming up on April 23 and 24 and will have to break down the arrangement. That's the disadvantage of having shows in one's art studio, but perhaps it's more interesting for the visitors.

Looks a little dark here. I borrowed my friend Kathleen's cat for this one. The books are mainly design books and magazines.

I also have 4 new paintings of flowers.

Most of my recent creative effort over the past two years has gone into writing and drawing another book based on the life of a typical rabbit. I am almost done!! I have two drawings to do, the cover, and of course pre-press, but the book is out with a few friends for reading and suggestions. This book is long...something like 88 pages of color drawings. So I'll be really excited when it's out!!

I have also made a Kindle version of "Dumbunny" recently which took at least a week.

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