Monday, October 16, 2017

Receiving Feedback

Just finished my Fall Open Studio event that took place last weekend. It was fun. Everyone I ever met showed up at 3pm on Sunday, so that was kind of a mad house. I apologize to those who were waiting around to talk to me or purchase artwork.

I showed new paintings. Many friends, collectors and attendees, took the time to give me serious, considered opinions about their feelings and thoughts about the work. It is so valuable to get feedback from so many people on artwork that is so fresh. I received lots of title suggestions and some ideas of other avenues to explore.

I have been working intuitively and not really sure where I am going...each piece informs the next one. I just try to be clear about what feels right. Since the work is conceptual, it’s helpful to know if viewers are getting the feelings that I put into the work.

I may make some slight adjustments to the pieces and to future work based on these comments. It was a valuable opportunity to get so much feedback. Thank you!

This one is not quite will get some toning and a bit more work...


Monday, October 9, 2017

Website design

Aack, was just going to update some carousels on my site and the plug-in software I used has been discontinued. Yikes. Time to learn some jQuery fast.

Well, I didn't actually learn it, but I found some code and customized it, and it's sort of working. Needs to be better and more modern, but that's for a later day. Websites are constantly going out of date these days.

I don't enjoy coding but I really enjoy when I can figure out how to make it work. It's very much like a brain game. A big puzzle.

Just finished this grizzly bear really has to be seen at full size...and I'm still trying to finish one more big painting by Saturday!

ps. I can see that my website is not working in all browsers.  Oh, more coding puzzles to solve.

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