Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Gosh, I just looked at some digital images of new paintings and realized that I wrecked one painting by repainting it. In other words, the old slides looked better than the new one. That is sad. There is no command z in painting.

This one I do like. It's mostly ink with a bit of paint. I have two other new india ink-based paintings. I love them. I love ink so much. The tree could use some work but I really love the landscape on the bottom. The suggestion, in ink, is really better than anything finely detailed in color.

This weekend is another open studio...our last before I have to completely rip apart the studio. They are replacing our wall of windows which means I have to rip out my storage rack and reconfigure the whole place. I am frightened that paintings may get damaged....will they have the whole place open to the elements for days? Even moving paintings can damage them sometimes...

I will be most eager to make deals on any of the large paintings to get them into a safe home instead of this soon-to-be-construction zone.

Am having a party on Friday night -- totally unplanned as of now...but what the heck -- come by!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

party time

Friends invited me to a party - at the home of artist Paula Clark and her dog Jasper. It was so much fun! A party...a simple party...a good mix of old friends and nice people that I haven't met...having mostly group conversation and dinner.

Paula, having just been in the Mexican Biennale was invited to a Florence Biennale, so it turned into a celebration party. During the party, someone called on behalf of a collector...Paula is on fire!

At one point it was suggested to do exquisite corpse games: both written and drawn. I do the exquisite corpse drawings often with students as warm up exercises. I have done them with children also. The reveal is always great.

This time we did an 8 person written corpse. The paper was folded very small which lead to a five minute paragraph. Each person could see the paragraph of the person immediately in front of them but no more. Surprisingly there was a recurrent themes.

When finalized, the writings were absolutely much fun. I wish I had it...I'd post it.